7 Netflix Hacks That Will Change Your Streaming Experience

7 Netflix Hacks That Will Change Your Streaming Experience

Netflix is surely a binge-watching platform; everyone would want to watch and enjoy their favourite shows. But soon, after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a hike in the users watching Netflix shows.

In these lockdown times, Netflix has become a household term for watching movies and shows. Shows such as ‘Stranger things,’ ‘Money Heist.’ ‘Ozark,’ ‘The Crown’ have become quite popular and its characters are loved by millions of fans worldwide.

In this post, we’ll be sharing some unique yet unknown Netflix hacks with you. These hacks are must for every Netflix subscriber, who wants to get most out of this streaming platform.

1. Hide Your Watch History:

You can hide your viewing history if you don’t want to disturb your family or friends. On your web browser Go to Settings then move to Profile and now check for viewing activity tab under the profile name. On this page, you can toggle between hiding any particular series episode or movie. Remember you can hide all your watch history, Hide All option is available at the bottom of the page.

2. Netflix Categories Secret Codes:

Netflix algorithm suggests content based on your history, System then displays content which you will most likely to watch. With this algorithm, you miss most of the other unique content that Netflix has in its library.

We all know Netflix has a huge variety of content but most of this content is hidden somewhere in their library because of their algorithm. With Categories and Genre Secret Codes you can access all these hidden content in seconds on your browser.

Netflix system uses some codes for various types of content. With code 67673 you can access all Disney content of the platform. Simply add this code at the end of the URL


Here are some sample codes for you,

27579 – Exciting Heist Movies

75457 – Deadly Disaster Movies

75804 – Vampire Content

20918 – Con Games Movies

55078 – Conspiracy Movies Based on Books.

These were just some codes, You can visit Finder to get your custom favourite genre content. Remember, For this trick to work you need to access Netflix from any Netflix supported browser.

3. Download Netflix Shows and Movies:

Netflix has a feature of downloading the specific movie title or TV show to your device. Anyhow, only selected very few titles have the download option available.

This download restriction is not put by Netflix, Content providers and their policies don’t allow Download Option on their content. But there is a trick you can open your Netflix and go to Downloads section there you can scroll through the list of shows and movies which are available for download.

4. Checkout Latest Features First:

Netflix developers roll out the latest features first to selected tester users. These users get the newest features early. You can easily sign up for the testing program.

To join the program simply go to settings and enable the Test Participation option. As a tester, you can try new features and provide your valuable feedback regarding the new features.

5. Netflix Browser Extensions or Add-ons:

If you access Netflix from your Personal Computer or from your Laptop then these browser extensions might be useful for you. The general audience doesn’t know much about browser extensions, But with the help of these extensions, you can easily customize your watching experience. Here are a few browser extensions you can give a try:

5.1 No Netflix Originals:

Netflix Original content is loved by many, but still, sometimes you might want to watch Non-Netflix Original shows. With this extension, you can filter out Netflix Originals and can watch other movies and shows.

5.2 RateFlix:

Many users decide their next film based on its IMDb rating. If you are one of them then you can add this extension to your browser, This extension displays the IMDb ratings besides the title on Netflix user interface.

5.3 Netflix Extended:

This extension adds shortcut options to Netflix Player. On Netflix player screen if you want to watch the next episode you can press N key and B key to watch the previous episode. You can also skip the intro by pressing the S key on the keyboard.

6. Change Your Subtitle Appearance:

If you are someone who likes to watch shows with subtitles turned on then this hack might be useful for you. On Netflix you can customize your subtitle font appearance, You can change the font, font size, add shadow to text, and change the subtitle background.

To access this feature simply head over to your settings under setting select your profile and choose Subtitle Appearance.

7. Reelgood Roulette:

It is a fun way of watching shows on Netflix, where you can spin a wheel after selecting the filters. You would get the movies as per your selected genre or director and go on spinning till you get to see a new movie that you never saw. This website is useful at times when you don’t know what to watch on Netflix.



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