Whatsapp Testing Multi-Device Login, Search and Sharechat Video Features

Whatsapp Testing Multi Device Login, Search and Sharechat Features

Whatsapp has been testing many features frequently and bringing new features now and then. The news about these updates is keeping everyone excited about using Whatsapp.

With billions of users worldwide, Whatsapp has continued to gain the expectations of its users by releasing useful updates. One of the recent updates, we are hearing is about multi-device login update from Whatsapp.

Whatsapp beta program has included many future updates along with the multi-device login feature. No matter how versatile features are introduced in Whatsapp, the multi-device login feature has been one of the most wanted features in Whatsapp.

Currently, a user can only use Whatsapp in one device, and it would not support multiple logins. This adds to the frustration of many people who like to do multitasking and want themselves managing Whatsapp from different devices. Anyhow, it has to be noted that multiple device login does not include ‘WhatsappWeb’ login.

As per latest WaBetaInfo report, There is also another feature that is under testing, which is search chat feature by date wise. This feature is going to help the users to search their chat history by date wise. This feature is applicable for both the app feature from the browser and the app as well.

As per the testing windows shared from reliable sources, there is an option to select a date range from where you would like to search the chat. This feature is seen in testing for the beta mode in iOS and soon will be appearing in the Android devices.

There is a slight change in the feature of clearing chats, where there is only a ‘Clear chat’ option available. The latest feature would be replaced with ‘Clear entire chat’ with an exception from removing starred messages.

One more latest addition to Whatsapp would be support for the Sharechat video. This would surely change the overall experience of WhatsApp in the near future once these updates are out.

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