UC Turbo updated with new and more advance feature 

UC Turbo updated with new and more advance features (2)

Internet browsing is a very common thing these days for smartphone users apart from chatting and watching videos. In India, When it comes to smartphone browsing many users prefer UC Browser over any other mobile browser and that’s why it is the No. 1 Third Party Browser available for phones.

Nowadays, smartphone users prefer browser with Clean and Neat User Interface. Keeping the current trend and user requirements in mind, UC Web recently came up with new browser UC Turbo. For fast browsing experience, the new UC Turbo browser has some advance technologies which are present in UC Browser. 

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Design and Customization:

Talking about the design UC Turbo browser carries a different design approach as compared to UC Browser. UC Turbo has an immaculate, and minimal user interface as compared to the other browsers available on the market. 

Talking about customization UC Turbo has given the ability to change and set custom background wallpaper for the home page of the browser. The whole main page sites can be removed and if you want you can add new sites to this list which is an excellent thing.

Fast Download Speeds and Cloud Acceleration:

UC Turbo updated with new and more advance features (3)UC Turbo has advanced technology for Fast Download Speeds. For stable and fast download speeds the browser uses its servers and sets high download threads which automatically increases the download speed of any file. 

Cloud Acceleration is a unique feature which uses UC’s own cloud technologies to improve website loading times, which indirectly loads the site content faster. It also works like VPN, It means you can directly access those sites which are blocked in your region. Having an inbuilt VPN adds an extra value to your browsing experience. 

Optimized Website Content:

UC Turbo browser automatically optimizes and compresses the contents of the top-visited website in smaller pieces to speed up the website loading timings. With the help of this feature, users can save their mobile internet data.

Do Not Track:

The main highlighted feature of UC turbo is an anonymous security feature that gives the users a sense of privacy and safety while browsing various unsafe websites on the internet. Also, there is a special ‘Do Not Track’ option available in the browser setting section that provides a chance for the user to keep their browsing more private.

Picture In Picture Mode:

UC Turbo updated with new and more advance features (1)Picture-in-Picture display mode is another modern feature present in UC turbo. With the help of this feature, you can do multitasking on the phone and watch videos both at the same time.


It is known that weak websites are easy to hack, and many times, attackers or developers implement hidden malicious Ad codes in such sites. For a regular user, it is tough to detect these types of hidden ads, and also most of the times these ads interrupt your browsing experience. To solve this problem, UC Turbo has introduced an inbuilt AdBlocker feature which will improve and secure your browsing experience.

Dark Mode:

UC has added a system-wide Dark Mode Feature. With this feature, user can explore and read stories on their phones in nights without harming your eyes. This Dark Mode decreases the Blue Light of your screen due to which your eyes do not feel any extra strain.

Strong Incognito Mode:

The browser sports Incognito Mode for the users to browse privately with security without having any record of browsing history. This feature is advantageous in cases where you are not sure if the website is safe or not.

Currently, UC Turbo is available on Play Store and if you want you can install this browser on your phone.


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