Twitter Roll Out Voice Tweet Feature for a limited number of iOS users

Twitter Roll Out Voice Tweet Feature for a limited number of iOS users

Twitter has been the most trending social networking app that has been dominating the world of social media for many years. No matter how many new social media platforms launched or social media features are rolled out, Twitter hasn’t lost its vigor.

Instead, Twitter has been accommodating as many people as possible in the world to use the app. The ease of usage, the presence of authentic and trending news, has become the selling point for the app. From the stage of mere social media app, Twitter has grown to the stage of the responsible platform used by the governments to pass information.

There are governments in many countries that have official twitter handle to take action on any important problems. It is really a huge change over to see how twitter was used in the past and how it is used now. There is more number of users now for the twitter who are aware of tweeting and retweeting on it.

As twitter adds tons of features, regularly now, they have launched a unique feature of voice tweet. The voice tweet feature allows the user to have their say on twitter using their voice. The voice tweet appears in the form of text as a normal tweet. The voice clip is shown as an image on the tweet, and the voice can be heard once you tap on it.

Twitter allows up to 140 seconds of audio in a single voice tweet, similar to the 140 words limit for text tweets. Anyhow, if your voice tweet exceeds 140 seconds, the tweets are divided into parts. We see the same with the text tweets after crossing the limit of 140 words. This voice tweet feature has been rolled out for a selected number of users on iOS, and it may soon be rolled out for other iOS users very soon.

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