Truecaller Revamps it’s Design across all Android and iOS devices globally

Truecaller Revamps it’s Design across all Android and iOS devices globally

Truecaller had emerged when the importance of privacy and safety of the callers became vital—identifying the unknown numbers’ names and ability to block spammers and report them has added interest among the users.

Now with the new re-designing, these features were even enhanced for better user experience. It has been a decade since Truecaller has come, and it was a long journey for the app. Truecaller has also introduced additional features for their gold subscription customers. Gold subscription users get extra privileges upon other themes and other benefits.

Truecaller, the well-known caller identification application has re-designed its app across all the devices across Android and iOS platforms. As per the latest announcement, Truecaller has brought all the features of messages, call history, conversations, Instant messages under a single tab. There are a couple of new features that were introduced, such as screen caller ID and Smart SMS feature, where the user can sort all the messages into four groups.

Checking messages and recent call list is now more comfortable with the revamped design as everything was brought under a single tab where the user can enter the conversation with a single tap. This feature seems to be inspired by WhatsApp, where the messaging and making calls are easier to make. The new caller-id comes with a full-screen tab with all the relevant information about the caller.

The smart caller-id tabs are also indicated by different colors to differentiate between known and unknown callers. Blue color tab indicates that the call is from a known contact; purple indicates the call is coming from an unknown number. The red tab indicates that the call is coming from spammers, as we have seen in the current version.

The addition of new features and revamped design might make Truecaller more than a caller identification app.


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