Top 5 Upcoming Features of Whatsapp

Top 5 Upcoming Features of Whatsapp

Whatsapp has been adding constant updates with improvements in user experience. In recent times, WhatsApp has made changes to put an end from spreading fake news across the social networks. Whatsapp has restricted the number of forwarding messages by an individual to number 5 as a measure to curb fake news.

As per some reports, it is known that WhatsApp is looking further to tighten the privacy and security measures for their users and make it even better for everyone to use. Apart from this WhatsApp is now working on some new features in 2019 mainly to enhance privacy and security. Here is the list of expected upcoming features on WhatsApp.

1. Dark Mode aka Night Mode:
From the past few months, various reports have surfaced on the internet regarding WhatsApp Night Mode feature. Facebook is recently added Night mode feature in Messengers, and It is now expected that WhatsApp could add the feature for Both Android and iOS devices in upcoming days. WhatsApp users are eagerly waiting for this feature.

2. Biometric Authentication:
It is expected that Whatsapp would be given a ‘Biometric authentication’ to protect the privacy of the user. Either by using Face ID or Touch ID, one can lock and unlock the app exclusively.

3. Whatsapp tipline:
Whatsapp has stepped a bit ahead to report spam news instantly. There is a checkpoint tip line provided by WhatsApp where a user can report fake news immediately to that number.

4. Group calling shortcut:
Group calling shortcut is to be added in 2019 by WhatsApp which allows the user to add participants in a group video call. Previously in 2018, Whatsapp has introduced this feature, this new shortcut feature will make group calling much easier.

5. PIP for web WhatsApp:

The Picture in Picture mode is already in place for Android and iOS users, but recently the same feature is going to be launched for the web WhatsApp version.


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