TikTok User Ratings Recover after Google Play remove 4 Million User Reviews

TikTok User Ratings Recover after Google Play remove 4 Million User Reviews

TikTok has been facing flak from the user amidst many complaints raised by the users regarding the content. Users have given a 1-star rating that made the overall rating of TikTok fall drastically on the play store.  TikTok had 28 million users, but now the user reviews are down to 24 Million after Google had removed the user reviews.

It is yet unclear whether user have deleted the reviews, or Google has jumped in to remove the reviews. A total of 4 million reviews disappeared for TikTok on the play store, and this is quite a significant number.  On a positive note, the removal of user reviews has increased TikTok’s user rating. Previously, the user rating was at 1.2, and this recent change has increased the score to 1.6.

Anyhow, the current rating will also be alarming for TikTok, after being the most widely used app across the world. For an app in the play store, current quality ratings will come into the picture to calculate user reviews. The sudden hatred of users towards TikTok has thrown the lip-sync video making app to face the heat at play store. It looks like; Play store has come into the rescue of TikTok by removing millions of user reviews.

The Carry Minati’s video of YoutbeVsTiktok has triggered a response from many users against Tik Tok. Many users claimed that the number of cringe videos on TikTok is increasing day by day. Also, some argue that Tik Tok is not rewarding those who make compelling content.

Amidst all the heat, Tik Tok has said that user’s safety is the only priority, and any videos that provoke physical violence not allowed.  We will have to wait and see how TikTok would recover from this debacle,  the removal of a few more reviews might improve the numbers.


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