Tiktok Caught Accessing Clipboard, New Apple iOS 14 Update Exposed Tiktok

Tiktok Caught Accessing Clipboard, New Apple iOS 14 Update Exposed Chinese Apps

This week Apple announced its new iOS 14 software update at its WWDC event. The new software update was criticized for its widgets, but at the same time, many tech enthusiasts and app developers appreciated Apple’s efforts for Privacy.

Apple has rigorously improved permission settings for apps with new iOS 14 update. This permission setting lets users monitor permissions given to the installed apps. This new setting has exposed various apps in just a few days.

Recently this feature has exposed popular social media platform app Tiktok. It is a Chinese app developed by Bytedance, A Chinese Internet Technology Company headquartered in Beijing, China.

As per the recent report covered by The Telegraph, it has been found that Tiktok is accessing phone Clipboard data. On every 1-3 keystroke, Tiktok is accessing the user’s data. This has raised privacy concerns among users. This new issue has backfired on TikTok and various users have shared their opinions on Twitter.

This was detected way back in March, but at that time, Tiktok had said that they would solve this in a few weeks. It’s been more than three months, and Tiktok did nothing.

As per the published report, it’s not just Tiktok who has access to the Clipboard other Chinese apps do have access to the Clipboard. These other apps include famous apps like Call of Duty Mobile, Accuweather, Alixpress, Patreon, Overstock, and Google News.

Tiktok officials have rectified the issue and clarified that this access was enabled in ordered to identify repetitive and spammy behavior. And they now submitted the new update to the App Store by removing the Anti Spam feature to eliminate the current confusion.

Well, this is not the first time Tiktok has faced anything like this. Tiktok has always been a concern for Safety and Privacy.


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