Sony’s Reon Pocket – A wearable Air Conditioner Device for iOS and Android Device

Sony’s Reon Pocket - A wearable Air Conditioner Device for iOS and Android Device

Sony has come up with yet another technological advancement. naming it as Reon Pocket. This is a wearable air conditioner that comes with an undershirt and is only available in Japan currently.

This device is capable of providing heat and cold when needed depending on temperature. The device sits around your neck with the use of undershirts, which is ideal for keeping you warm or cool.

The company’s website has released some guidelines about the product introducing its benefits to everyone. It has displayed the pictures of the new device, which looked almost like Apple’s Magic Mouse. The undershirt that accommodates the shirt is 90% Polyester with the sizes of Small, Medium, and Large. The shirt also comes in two colour options of white and beige.

The device is compatible with iOS 13 and also Android devices above Android 8 version. It has rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, which get fully charged in 2.5 hours. With a full charge, the device gives 2.5 hours of cooling operation and 2 hours of thermal function.

The device’s main body is not waterproof, and hence one should be careful not to use this while doing workouts. Any portion of sweat or water would lead the device to get damaged.

It is mandatory to install the Reon Pocket app in order to activate the device in the undershirt. The respective apps can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS users. The same can be downloaded from the play store for Android users.

Sony released specific guidelines while wearing this device for the users. They stated that one should not wear too many clothes or ornaments around their neck as it may lead to a reduction in performance. The world has to wait and see when this technology would reach to rest of the world from Japan.


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