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Home News Shit… HTC Smartphone Burst Into Flames !

Shit… HTC Smartphone Burst Into Flames !

Nidhi Kapoor

We still remember the history of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After the note 7, there were reports of burning of some phones of Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. Due to the low brand value, Vivo & Oppo did not suffer that much. But when a flagship phone such as Note 7’s malfunction appears, people’s the do scare. !
Today a new post was trending on social site Facebook. The post was posted on HTC India’s official page. A user from Delhi wrote a frustrated post on HTC Service. Just a few days before she met with an accident. Actually, her flagship phone burst into flames. and it caused major injuries to her hands.
When this incident happened the smartphone was in warranty. She went to HTC Service Centre, and you know what they refused to accept the phone (Uhh…Such a crappie service). At the end, she posted her complaint on Facebook.

HTC Learn something from Sony & Apple.

Still, there is no official statement from HTC Regarding the complaint. We hope she gets justice as early as possible. Well, What do you think about this behaviour of HTC? Do comment and share your opinion!
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