Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, Flip 5G, Tab S7 and Note 20 Highly Likely to Feature Snapdragon 865+

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, Flip 5G, Tab S7 and Note 20 Highly Likely to Feature Snapdragon 865+
Source: windowsunited

Samsung’s upcoming line of flagships, Fold 2, Tab S7, Flip 5G, and Note 20 are rumoured to be powered by Qualcomm Processor. The chipset is expected to be featuring Snapdragon 865+ by Qualcomm.

There is also a new rumour about features of the upcoming Samsung flagships, which was leaked on Twitter. Interestingly, Meizu Technology has clarified; they have no plans to feature Snapdragon 865+ for 2020 models.

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This means the phone models of 2020 will only feature SD 865 and not 865+. This also indicates Samsung’s upcoming models will feature only 865 processors. There is very little information available to support the news about 865+ processors.

All the analysis and information on SD 865+, till the Antutu benchmark scores of the SoC processor, appeared online. A few weeks back, Qualcomm Snapdragon  865+ was tested for benchmarks, and the results also were available.

Still, it is too early to decide about the 2020 launch with the results, as the processor will still be in the testing phase.

The buzz around SD 865+ is justified, with its single-core containing 3.1GHz and three other cores with 2.4GHz and four more with 1.8GHz clocking speeds. Based on the markets in which Samsung is launched, the processor might change for Samsung.

The Samsung Note 20 would replace Snapdragon 865+ with Exynos 992. It is the own processor of Samsung details of which are yet to be revealed officially by Samsung.

Samsung has already prepared their upcoming models in the market and nearing launch dates in a few months. Anyhow, further details are yet to be revealed by the South Korean Mobile manufacturer.

The information about the SoC processor would set a few expectations for the users. The suspense upon the processor make worth considering, as Flip 5G, Note 20 and S7 are Samsung’s flagship phones about which many are waiting.


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