‘Profile Lock’ feature Available for Facebook Users in India


Facebook is working on privacy features and new security day-to-day to ensure the safety of its users. Now recently, Facebook introduced the new privacy feature for users in India with the ‘Profile lock ‘ feature. As per this new feature, a user can lock their profile, making the profile picture locked, followed by a blue color badge, which says locked.

Any random user cannot open your profile picture, expand it, and see as the profile is locked. This new feature is helpful for female profiles,  who may want to keep themselves in privacy. Anyhow, male profiles also can do this to safeguard their profile. ‘Profile Lock’ feature is going to be rolled out in India for next week.

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Along with locking the profile picture, this will also prevent the users from posting anything publicly. If anyone has tagged the user in any post, they won’t be able to see the post. Only once their profile is unlocked can there be public posts, or the tagging can be seen. Before this update, Facebook has announced that the feature ‘Shop.’ to support businesses to market through Facebook. Businesses can list their businesses and products which are available for sale.

Now selling products and marketing businesses on Instagram and Facebook is made more accessible than ever. This is a free service Facebook, and Instagram was used to list businesses and products.

Facebook might be eyeing on developing e-commerce business more on its platforms and change the game in their way. Worldwide, Facebook has been facing pressure regarding its privacy and security procedures.

Facebook is taking necessary measures by adding extra security features and processes to keep it safe. In the wake of increased violence and online harassment against women in India, the new update might serve as a safety measure for women.


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