Pre-bookings of OnePlus TV Open on Amazon India, with Free Extended Warranty Offer

Pre-bookings of OnePlus TV Open on Amazon India, with Free Extended Warranty Offer

OnePlus has silently opened the gates for pre-booking of the OnePlus TV with an offer of Extended warranty. The OnePlus TV went on pre-booking sale via Amazon and supported by Acko for an Insurance offer.

There is a free warranty for up to two years offered by Acko Insurance on the TV. As per the offer listed on the Amazon site, a free warranty will be given to the users as they pay Rs. 1000 as a pre-booking amount. This does not confirm the purchase for the users, as this is a token of gratitude for early registration.

As per the listing, those who are going to buy OnePlus TV would get free insurance if it is purchased before August 5th, 2020. To avail the offer of the extended warranty, the users have to pre-book it between June 23rd to July 2nd. This is the period in between when the OnePlus TV would be launched.

Steps to Avail

  1. Login to Amazon account and purchase the pre-booking on OnePlus TV by paying Rs. 1,000 before July 2nd.
  2. A confirmation mail will be sent to the user within 2 hours.
  3. From here, you can purchase the TV before August. 5th 2020, to apply the warranty offer
  4. The user will be credited with Rs. 1000 soon after the purchase is completed as a token of gratitude.

Pre-booking the warranty before would lead to a refund of the same amount in later days. This means the user would get insurance for free of cost, and it is applicable from the day of the end of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The extended warranty does not cover wear and tear, accessories faults. Given the pricing of OnePlus TV, this new offer seems to be made to target budget-oriented customers to get the best deal of quality TV with a free warranty from insurance.


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