OnePlus Nord aka OnePlus Z Company’s First Budget Smartphone Launching In July

OnePlus Nord aka OnePlus Z Company’s First Budget Smartphone Launching In July

OnePlus phones have attracted a major chunk of the smartphone market from the time of its launch. OnePlus was launched as a flagship killer with its premium features, coming at a considerably lower price than that of premium phones.

Mainly, OnePlus has given a tough fight to phones like Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy, which have flagship models in their lineup. Every year OnePlus is coming with a new set of features and hardware specifications that are changing the market dynamics. As soon as OnePlus launches new features, the same would be inspired in other upcoming phones. It has grown to the state of ruling the trend in the smartphone market.

Recently, OnePlus has put a step forward by announcing their upcoming affordable smartphone. OnePlus CEO has confirmed this news by stating, there will be a new line of smartphones in OnePlus with the tag of budget smartphones. As per the rumors, the upcoming budget range to be launched by the company would be OnePlus Z.

OnePlus team has an Instagram account created on the name of “OnePlus Lite Z Thing”, On this account, there is an indication of the July launch. Instagram has indicated the name of “July” in Morse code and asked for users to give any guess.

Although OnePlus has been a successful brand for a few years, it has got the tag of the premium smartphone due to its price tag. Due to this, many users seem to be avoiding OnePlus.

This upcoming line of OnePlus Z or OnePlus Nord implies that OnePlus wants to get their users in budget-level also. Big smartphone makers such as Samsung have toned down their premium versions into sensational budget variants in the form of’ series and ‘A’ series.

We have to see whether OnePlus would really be able to compete with their pricing and specifications with the current line of budget smartphones.


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