Now COVID-19 Alerts to Appear on Google Maps: Update to roll-out soon for Android and iOS

Now COVID-19 Alerts to Appear on Google Maps Update to roll out soon for Android and iOS

Google has announced that COVID-19 alerts will be added to Google Maps, which would alert the user while driving. This works by alerting the user while driving their own vehicle or public transport. Google Maps update is going to be rolled out to the Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

If the user has plans to drive to a nearby testing center, which is a local retail partner providing tests or a medical facility, Google will notify him/her. The Google alert will remind the user to verify the facility guidelines and eligibility for tests.

This particular alert would prevent the user from being turned away from the center or causing extra pain for the local health system. These alerts will help few test centers to plan their patient’s visits and with their limited facilities because there are still few health centers that work on appointments and can only work on limited patients.

As per the new update, the app would alert the users in the US, Philippines, Israel, South Korea, and Indonesia. Also, Google maps would alert you if there are any COVID-19 checkpoints in your way. This will add up further to alert the user if there are any restrictions on the way.

Also, if you are travelling through public transport, the public transit lines affected by COVID-19 will be updated in the app. The transit alerts from the new Google maps app update will be seen in countries such as Thailand, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, India, Australia, France, and the US.

Globally, COVID-19 has forced many countries to go into lockdown and maintain distancing. After many days of restrictions, now everyone across the globe is trying to recover to normalcy. There is a need for maintaining minimum precautions while trying to become normal, and this latest update might come handy to everyone.


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