‘We must do more’ says Tim Cook while Speaking up on Racism

‘We must do more’ says Tim Cook while Speaking up on Racism

Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently released a statement after the participation of Apple music on ‘Blackout Tuesday.’ He released an official statement in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter.’ slogan that has been in trend in the US currently.

He posted the statement with the name ‘Speaking up on Racism.’ speaking about inequalities of America’s justice. System. He further added that America has seen so much progress and has been pulled back by color discrimination.

Tim called out Apple’s mission to make technology and empower people to make this world a better place for everyone. He added the quote of ‘We must do more’ to his statement, which indicates the current measures are not sufficient to eradicate discrimination. Apple CEO stated about the contribution of Apple towards organizations such as the Equal Justice Initiative that challenge such as racial injustice.

Anyhow, Tim Cook’s statement did not give any clarity about donating anything or promoting any action. But, many prominent brands in the US have given some voice to the situation, and companies such as Apple added some extra weight to the voice. The Black Lives Matters, and the cause is gaining momentum day-by-day as most of the big companies started to take a stand about it.

From the day of the unfortunate incident in the US, there was an uproar of dissent and concern across the world. The incident has put the whole world on a back step despite a lot of achievements and developments. Prominent companies and firms who are the face of the people in the US took a moment to stand for the cause.

Although Apple’s statement proves their stand, some criticize or condemn it for its virtue signalling, and it seems to be a strong message to their employees. This message from the CEO has stood apart from others in the sense of conveying the message powerfully.


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