Micromax To Make A Strong Comeback With New Smartphones

Micromax To Make A Strong Comeback With New Smartphones

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole world started to point out China for being responsible for the pandemic. The dissent moved until the situation that people started to isolate China and its products. But for India, the movement has gone to another level with the recent border clashes between the two Asian nations.

Various public and private agencies have started to boycott Chinese products protesting about the prevailing situations. But, it looks very hard to avoid China completely, especially in the smartphone segment. All the smartphones we use these days are from China, and there is no powerful alternative so far.

But now, Many ignored Indian brands seem to be taken into consideration to build alternatives. Micromax is one such Indian brand that once gave a tough fight to big companies like Samsung and Nokia. After the arrival fo Redmi, Oppo and Vivo Micromax have almost vanished from the news.

The recent situations are serving as a condition of a reboot for Micromax. Even a few users on twitter started to tag Micromax to start producing phones for India. Surprisingly, Micromax has responded to the mention on twitter stating, and they are working hard to bring phone Made by Indians and Made for India.

Micromax had very few launches in the past few years, and their social media presence about any launches was minimal. Micromax also has got a separate fan base similar to Nokia for Indian users. Also, as per the PM of India’s call to be vocal for the local, Micromax looks like taking the chance to make a comeback.

Micromax used to be in place of current Redmi, in providing wallet-friendly phones with better features and performances. This would completely change the dynamics of the smartphone market in India. Micromax would be the perfect alternative for Chinese phones with their brand name in India.


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