Today Xiaomi unveiled Mi Band 2 with OLED display which displays Time, Steps Count and Hear Rate at just RMB 149 ( USD 23 ). It will be available for sale from 7th June, 2016 onwards in China.

The Mi Band 2 comes with an OLED. The OLED is UV coated, scratch resistant and anti – fingerprint display. Display is elegant and bright enough and could see the display clearly under the sun light. displays the Time, number of steps, Heart Rate, distance walked, calories burned, battery info and other data. You can see all these data by lifting your left wrist or by using the capacitive button on the Mi Band 2 capsule. The best part is, you can also customize which data content can be displayed on the Mi Band 2 display.

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Mi Band 2 comes with a power efficient ADI accelerometer accuracy in steps counting, and built-in optical heart rate sensor which calculates your heart rate. It comes with a 2nd gen Bluetooth 4.0 for faster and stable connection with your phone.

Mi Band 2 comes with a larger 70 mAh battery, and lasts up to 20 days. Now Mi Band 2 automatically alerts you with a vibration reminding you to go out and have some physical activity along with some fresh air. it measures the pace of your run, monitors you Heart beat and it displays on the screen of Mi Band 2.

Mi Fit generates the targeted run, recommends step program, suggests the required weight loss and ultimately increases your health efficiency. Mi Band 2 has an unique ID and when it brought closer to the smartphone, it unlocks your phone.


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