Leaked Jio 4G Packs: Get 10GB internet at 50 ₹

Published On: 7:32 am


Yes Right, you read the title so right. Yes, it is true reliance offering 10GB of data in just 50 ₹. It is unbelievable but reliance is giving you 10GB 4G data in just 50 ₹ with 500 Minutes for calling and 100 SMS. 

As per the source, Recently a screenshot of the packs was released by 91mobiles. It clearly shows that there will be 4 packs which are variable in term of data, calling minutes and SMS.
Plan 1 :
Minutes : 500 Minutes
SMS: 100 SMS
Validity 30 Days.
Prices: 50₹
Plan 2 :
Data : 20GB
Minutes: 1000 Minutes
SMS: 200 SMS
Validity: 30 Days
Price : 100 ₹
Plan 3 :
Minutes: 1500 Minutes
SMS: 400
Validity : 30 Days
Price : 200 ₹
Plan 4:
Minutes: 2500
SMS: 500
Validity: 30Days
Price : 400 ₹
Jio 4g Internet Packs
Well, This are very cheapest 4G plans we have ever been seen before.
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