Latest Price for the iPhone in India


The Cupertino based firm has released its prices for its latest installments in the iPhone series 8, 8+ and the (tenth year iPhone edition) iPhone X.

The devices will be launched on 29th of September in India, iPhone 8 64Gb variant will be available for Rs.64,000 and the 256Gb variant will be available for Rs.77,000. Unlike previous year like iPhone 7 this time iPhone 8 will be provided in only two variants. The iPhone 8+ 64 Gb variant will cost Rs.73,000 and 256Gb variant will cost Rs.86,000.

In addition to this two, the iPhone X will be launched on 3rd of November worldwide and will be available in India for Rs.89,000 the 64Gb variant and the 256 Gb variant for Rs.1,02,000.

Water Resistant iPhone XApple will also launch its accessories like the leather and silicone cases starting from Rs3,100. Also, lightning docks in color-matching metallic finishes will also be available for Rs 4,700.

The existing Line-up of the iPhones also gets a price settlement in India as the iPhone 7 will be available with Rs.7,200 drop and will start from Rs.49,000, the iPhone 7 plus will see a drop of Rs.8,300 and get a starting price of Rs.59,000. The iPhone 6s will be available for Rs.40,000 while the 6s will be for Rs.49,000. The iPhone SE shows a drop of about Rs.3,200 in US market.



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