Lamphone – An Equipment that can listen to you from distance by using Vibration from Light Bulb

Lamphone - An Equipment that can listen to you from distance by using Vibration from Light Bulb

A group of researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Cyber Security Labs at Ben Gurion University has invented a technology which can hear sounds from a distant room just through wave from the vibrating bulb.

The results of their experiment would make every one of us feel weird for the potential this study has. This technology can make listening easier even from long distances using equipment, which is costing lesser than $1,000 that can measure subtle light changes.

This study might be enthusiastic for few, but there are already many tools that are available to spy on us, such as smartphones, electronic bugs, Computer malware, lasers pointed at windows, and many such. Most of the current spying tools have their own limitations of getting detected and also need physical access to the room, which is going to be spied.

This latest research rules out all the limitations of other available technologies to listen to others talking about some private room. The new device was named as ‘Lamphone’ only requires the room to be visible from long distances. The Lamphone equipment contains a Telescope, Laptop with the signal processing unit. The telescope amplifies the room’s view from a long-range, and the light signals are used to convert into electrical signals.

The research was carried out with a room having a hanging light; the changes in the bulb’s movement are tracked through Lamphone. The bulb’s movement is very minute, and it is hard to be noticed by a human eye.

So, there is no chance that one can detect he/she is getting spied as the bulb is being used to spy. The research was done upon rooms with hanging bulbs, and the research is not certain on fixed lightings to the roof. Even for this, a piece of information about the possibility to spy upon hanging lights is quite alarming.

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