Jio Phone To Get WhatsApp Status Feature With Kai OS Update

JioPhone To Get WhatsApp Status Feature With Kai OS Update

In a recent interview with Android Central, it was revealed by the software lead of KaiOS that Whatsapp would get the status message feature added. The devices with KaiOS are using the initial version of WhatsApp as it comes pre-installed in KaiOS powered devices.

There are limited features for Whatsapp with pre-installed apps, and the developers are constantly working on adding more features for the users. Whatsapp’s software Engineer lead mentioned that more features would be rolled out soon to enhance user experience.

The Whatsapp status feature is new for KaiOS users, and it is the Gold master stage. The gold master stage indicates the update is ready to be rolled out at any time. There is no date given about this update, but it may come any time for the KaiOs users.

KaiOS generally runs on low-hardware; thus, the Whatsapp runs on basic features without compromising on performance. The lead software of Whatsapp for KaiOS users stated they are relentlessly working on updates to be roll-out for the users. Sharing media files, location, contacts sharing, and also one-to-one group chats are currently available for KaiOS users. Voice message feature is also available in the KaiOS WhatsApp, which is better than the T9 keyboard feature.

Anyhow, Voice and video call features are not present in Whatsapp of KaiOS users. Chat backups, WhatsappWeb, and customized notifications are also not part of the current version of WhatsApp in KaiOS.  All these key features of Whatsapp would bring more convenience for the users. As stated by Joe, these features might be rolled out soon along with the status message feature.

Whatsapp is the most used application by almost everyone in the world. It is better to have common features across all platforms to have more connectivity and a better experience. Let us wait and see how soon the new WhatsApp features get updated to JioPhone and Other Phones running on KaiOS.

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