Every one of you knows that the iPhone 7  and 7 Plus is releasing on 7 September . Apple has already sent the invites for its upcoming event and yes we are pretty sure it will be a grand event. With lots of expectations, everyone is waiting for the event.

Today just another pricing of the models came out. and what we could see in this leak is that the apple has already ditched the 16GB variant. and we could see a 32GB base variant. Which is a very good thing so far done by Apple, As we already know for 4K videos and other stuff you need 32GB storage at least.  64GB is absent which is quite odd. But let’s see how Apple gives an explanation about it ahead in the event.
Well Let’s get straight see below the pricing of the upcoming models:
     iPhone 7 (leaked prices)
  • 32GB – 53,000 ₹ (790$)
  • 128GB – 66,275 ₹ (990$)
  • 256GB – 70,961 ₹ (1060$)

iPhone 7 Plus (leaked prices)

  • 32GB – 60,919 ₹ ($910)
  • 128GB – 68,953 ₹ ($1030)
  • 256GB – 72,289 ₹ ($1180)
NOTE: All above prices could be Different than its official releasing price in India.

iPhone 7 256GB Leaked IB

Above Image shows the clearly written details about the 256GB variant of the new upcoming iPhone 7 model .   Well just Well just few months before we saw a 256GB iPad, And now this would be the first iPhone to feature 256GB of internal storage.   Just a few days. and it will be launched very soon. Get Read for 7 September event.