iPhone 12 to become the first Model to get into Production

iPhone 12 to become the first Model to get into Production
Via: Youtube/EverythingApplePro

We know that Apple iPhone 12 is going to be launched sometime late this year. There was already much information reveals and leaks about iPhone 12 and its features. A report from a popular blogging site has revealed that the production of the iPhone 12 is scheduled to start in July-August.

News is also out about which model of iPhone is going into production among all the Four iPhone Models. The 6.1-inch display iPhone 12 model is the first one to go for production before the other models. Anyhow, the launch of the four iPhone 12 models would happen in the October event.  We already know that the usual iPhone launch event that would take place in September was postponed to October due to prevailing health conditions.

There is also an update about the 5G connectivity of the iPhone 12 models, and the revealed details might give some bad news. Only the iPhone 12 Pro model would get the sub-6Hz and the mmWave 5G for the fastest internet speeds. The regular iPhone 12 models would only get the sub-6HZ network, which means faster LTE speeds and not the 5G speeds.  There would be no support of mmWave 5G in the other iPhone models.

Factually, speaking mmWave does have a limited range for the nearby 5G nodes. This is the reason why Verizon has doubled the number of cities offering the mmWave 5G network. Parallelly, AT&T also had started rolling out the mmWave network.

BOE and LG are reportedly the suppliers of the OLED screens for the iPhone 12 Pro model. Whereas the remaining models are getting Samsung LED panels, and they consist of 75% of orders from Apple for Samsung. Apple looks to push its Pro model initially first and then other models in order. We all have to wait till a few more months to see the iPhone 12 with a 5G network.


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