Instagram rolls out Update to Pin Top 3 Comments on your Posts

Instagram rolls out Update to Pin Top 3 Comments on your Posts

Instagram has revealed details about a new feature that gives power to the users to pin the top 3 comments. This is similar to that of Youtube, where one can pin top comments on a video.

But, the ability to pin the top 3 comments is the first of its kind, in any social platform so far. As an influencer, you can pin the top 3 positive, funny, and valuable comments. As per Instagram, this feature is to highlight positivity and fun in the comments section by highlighting comments.

There was given a very simple feature on an Instagram post by swiping left, and it shows few features. It shows four options, Delete, report, reply, and Pin comment. You can select the pin comment option on the comment you like to highlight.

Additionally, the person whose comment has been pinned would get a notification for the same. This would hopefully influence the rest of the comments in your profile and maintain positivity for your posts.

There are several users on Instagram daily, posting pictures, and posts. Instagram is quite famous for picture posts, and many of the young users prefer to use it. Anyhow, content curation is the need of the hour for Instagram users, mainly for the top influencers.

No matter how good your content might be, it needs to be filtered off from any negativity. There is a high chance of cyberbullying or abuse by some users who might want to disturb your posts for no reason.

Pinning comment feature encourages positive and funny comments that spread good vibes among other users. Anyhow, the rest of the comments get published and keep shuffling as per Instagram’s algorithm. This would encourage top contributors of your page to say something really useful and positive in your posts and be visible for all.


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