Hide a Messy Background during Work From Home in Zoom, Skype and Teams

Hide a Messy Background during Work From Home in Zoom, Skype and Teams
Source: Zoom

Lockdown has forced all companies to opt for Work From Home, which is a bit new for employees in India. Meetings and discussions through video calls are quite common with work from the home mode for everyone.

Video calls make the employer and the employees work in sync with each other and stay connected during office hours. Applications such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom gained a lot of demand during the lockdown period. All these apps were installed across various employees from different companies for long conversations.

Anyhow, there are few common challenges, which take video calls daily while in WFH. Having calls without a messy background is one of the challenges many of us would be facing. If you are wondering how to clear up messy experiences while making calls, then you got a solution.

Zoom has introduced a new feature that can show a background covering the room atmosphere with a different colour background or images. Similarly, Skype and Teams have also added similar features to upload your pictures.

In Microsoft Teams, you can blur the background if you want or add a default Microsoft image. You can also select, own images in the .JPG, .PNG or .BMP format.

Zoom has launched this feature way before than any other online video calling applications. The users can add solid backgrounds in place of real backgrounds or additionally add images. To change, go to account settings, and navigate to the virtual background on the meeting tab and check if the settings are enabled.

In Skype, go to the video button and hover over the more options and select the background effect option. There is also an option to blur it and change the background even during the call is in progress.

This information would help you to have a less embarrassing and comfortable time in meetings while in WFH.


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