Halo 3 to be Launched on July 14th after years of waiting

Halo 3 to be Launched on July 14th after years of waiting

Halo 3 has finally got a launch date, after a long wait of 13 years from 343 industries. Xbox players have saved the galaxy from Flood and Covenant, and now they got a chance to go for the next mission.

On July 14th, Halo 3 is going to come before everyone with the Masterchef collection. In the meantime, Halo has brought a bunch of games and finally see the conclusion with Halo 3. It all started with evolved combat and sending the master chief to the fray and complete the fight.

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The Master Chief collection has already arrived on Steam and Microsoft store. The Gamers have to wait for more to get the first hands-on Halo 3. There is also an option to get the game pass for $1 and try the trial run.

The latest installation of the game, the Halo Infinite, is available to play. Halo 3 is going to give a grand entry at the Microsoft Xbox event on July 23rd at their first-party game launch event.

343 industries are working closely with Xbox for their upcoming next-generation console. As it is part of the Microsoft Gaming division, this launch is special for Microsoft and the game followers. It is a military science fiction video game with iconic characters featured in the game.

The game’s initial instalment was in way back 2001, which ran the gamers crazy for 13 years. Soon after, the Halo anniversary in 2020 has come back to revisit the legacy of the game.

The combination of the latest Xbox X console along with the Halo game has raised expectations. There is a lot to look forward to what to expect with the next generation game getting launched with the next generation console of Xbox. Stay tuned for the official launch to kick up by Xbox.


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