Google Stadia has Overpromised about its Gaming platform: Strauss Zelnick

Google Stadia has ‘Overpromised’ about its Gaming platform Strauss Zelnick

As per Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, Google’s new game streaming service ‘Stadia’ did not deliver as expected. He expressed his opinion that Google has overpromised about Stadia, and its launch went slower than expected. This resulted in the disappointment of their target audience, who were waiting to experience the new game-changing platform.

Take-two added many of their titles to Stadia, among which Red Dead Redemption: 2 is one of them. Yet, Zelnick said that he is not fascinated by Google’s Stadia. He conveyed his views about Stadia in a conference conducted at Gamespot.

There is an additional reason for the statement from the Zelnick. Google has promised for 4K streaming at 60 FPS, but it has found to be 1080p with a normal upscale. Take-two has initially launched their three titles to Stadia, and also aid they would continue to support until the business is in a sense.

There was a concern expressed by the CEO Strauss, that the number of audiences who don’t have a console and want to play PC games is less. He also showed the reason why Take-Two is supporting Stadia, which is due to the broad Distribution, which would automatically broaden the audience.

The core of the idea to launch Google Stadia is to cater to those users who do not have consoles and wish to play. It also considers the users who wanted to play interactively and pay for the game they want.

But Zelnick said the estimated amount of such people by Google was lesser, and thus, the reach is also lesser than planned. Google Stadia initially got released for specific countries such as the US, UK, and Canada. It is expected to add 100+ titles to the Google stadia library by Google.

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