Google Search App Gets New Dark Mode Feature

Google Search App Gets New Dark Mode Feature

Dark mode has been one of the fastly progressing features in smartphones across all the OS platforms. The dark mode is creeping through almost every application to help the users to have a decent on-screen experience while using gadgets. Dark mode isn’t just a fashion to be followed by everyone; it reduces the strain to your eyes and keeps the user experience smooth.

Applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube already launched their dark mode apps. Now even Google Search app is getting updated with the dark mode. As per reliable source reports, the dark mode in the Google search app has completed its beta testing mode and is now entering the live update mode. An official update might get rolled very shortly, making the feature available for everyone.

Anyhow, the dark mode update for the Google app is applicable for Android 10 phones. Coming to the iOS update, iPhones and iPads with iOS12 or iOS 13 would get this Google App dark mode update. To make things work, you can change the display preferences into dark mode. Changing the settings should automatically change the Google app from light mode to dark mode. Also, iOS 12 users need to enable this manually to get this new feature.

The update may take some time to get rolled out on immediate effect, to your device. The process of rolling out the update would be complete by the end of this week.  This new update should make your searching experience pleasant to your eyes, especially when you are doing it at night times.

You can alternatively switch the dark mode feature on or off as per your preferences. If your app did not get updated, you could directly go to the play store and find the ‘update’ button for your Google app.


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