Google to launch new Android TV Dongle: Details of New UI and Remote Leaked

Google to launch new Android TV Dongle Details of New UI and Remote Leaked
Source: XDA

Google is reportedly working on its new Android TV dongle, which would come with a new interface and a remote. This device will be the upgrade version of Google Chromecast ultra that many of the users have it right now.

Although this sounds like a Chromecast device, it claimed to compete with other Android TV OEMs. Google has internally codenamed the device as ‘Sabrina,’ and it is expected to be launched this summer along with its new Google Pixel device.

Anyhow, few details were revealed by XDA that the new Google dongle works as an Android TV box, unlike their previous Chromecast, which completely depended upon smartphones. XDA also revealed the details of the firmware in a pre-release video, which shows the interface. A

The Android TV dongle of Google is Oblong with looks better than the current Chromecast devices. The colors of its variants were also released, which is supposed to be Black, white and light pink.

The Google dongle remote is having buttons for Home, Playback, and Google assistant. There is a trackpad present on the apple remote very similar to that of Siri Remote for Apple TV. There is also the support of Google assistant on this remote, and thus it has an IR blaster and a microphone.

Few revealed images of the interface, reveal that the focus is more on the content from different sources in the dongle. Powered by Amlogic SoC, the dongle would support Dolby’s vision, and it supports 4K HDR video. Google’s new Dongle for TV would likely compete with Amazon Firestick and Roku pricing around $80.

The launch date and the pricing of the new dongle are still not clear, and also it is not sure what naming will be given for it. Google pixel 4a might be announced on July 13th, and we can expect the dongle to be announced on the same date.

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