Google Data Gets Default Auto-Delete Option By Default For Every 18-Months

Google Data gets Default Auto-delete option by Default for Every 18-Months

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, has announced new changes for privacy options, which includes Google’s data retention policy. Auto-delete control was introduced last year, which deletes Location, Search, YouTube, and Voice data for every 3 to 18 months duration. Now, these controls were made default for the new users.

If you are a new Google account user and turning on Location, app, web activities, then the auto-delete option will be activated for 18-months. Which means the above-mentioned data of your account would be deleted for every 1.5 years.

Anyhow, the users are left with a choice to keep these settings by tweaking the controls. There is no change made for those who got these settings activated already. The users would be informed by Google about the new auto-delete options.

Google claims, this recent practice would allow YouTube to give the most relevant recommendations for its users.  It has to be noted that current changes in a data retention policy is not applicable for Gmail, Gdrive, and photos. It is of the obvious reason that Gmail, Gdrive, and photos include personal storage data of the user.

Other than, Auto-delete other privacy settings were also changed by Google recently. This includes an option to adjust account settings from the search bar, easy access to incognito mode with moire easier controls. Across the globe, there have been many reports and rumours about Google’s privacy issues.

There were many instances where it has been proved that Google data has been misused by third-party apps. There have been raised concerns about Google’s security and privacy policies. The recent adjustments in privacy features by powering the user in protecting their data are evident about Google’s commitment to data privacy.

There are much more complicated areas Google needs to address to avoid further data breach and security issues.


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