Gmail Finally Rolls-out Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad

Gmail Finally Rolls-out Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad
Via: Macrumors

Google has finally rolled out the dark mode for its application used in the iPhone and iPad. This update has come after many months of delay, as this update has to come long back.

The App Store has listed the updated Version 6.0.200519 with the release notes mentioned. The release notes say that you can switch Between dark and light themes for the users who have upgraded to iOS 13. There is also an option for the users to retain the default view without changing.

Dark mode came to Gmail long back in September, and from then, iOS did not receive a proper update for it till now. After this update, changing to dark mode is quite easy similar to other platforms. You can navigate to the top left corner with the three-line icon and select settings. Select ‘Theme’ from the settings and choose between Dark and Light themes.

Apart from this update, Gmail has added a couple of new features, such as Siri shortcuts to send mail and add attachments to an email. Generally, there are always slow updates for iOS for its apps that are common for other platforms as well. Usually, the updates come faster for iOS, and later they get rolled-out to other platforms.

But currently, in reverse now, some vital updates such as Gmail and other apps are getting delayed for iOS. The main reason would be the number of users is increased for Android when compared to iOS. The increased number of OEMs for Android, enhanced software updates, and the variety of features made Android dominate iOS.

On the other hand, iOS has got a specific fan base, and they have their own optimizations and software updates. Testing apps and their updates take a bit longer time for any update to get rolled-out officially to everyone.


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