Facebook Signs a deal with CTRL Labs to Develop Brain controlled Wristbands

Facebook Signs a deal with CTRL Labs to Develop Brain controlled Wristbands

Facebook has been the leading social media giant for more than a decade, and it continues to retain its spot as the top social networking site. Facebook has previously acquired “Whatsapp”, and this made Facebook own the number one, messaging app in the world. Facebook did quite a few numbers of acquisitions and marched towards innovation and next-gen technology whenever possible.

A start-up named “CTRL-labs” has been acquired, which is a New York-based company working on a technology that communicates the human brain with computer communications. The acquisition of the new start-up company is rumoured to be worth $1 Billion. Anyhow, there is no official announcement or any statement about the finances of this new Facebook acquisition. 

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CTRL-labs has been working on neural interface technology, which has ability to communicate, interact and manipulate with the computers. Facebook thinks this particular technology is helpful for Facebook’s vision in developing a wrist band that interacts with the AI intuitively. CTRL-labs are already in the development stage in working on a wrist-band kind of device that uses AI-based machine learning which can be communicated by the human brain.

The new technology by CTRL and Facebook’s vision seem to have converged at one place leading to this new association. Facebook has already brought many AI-based tools and technologies forward to the world to make their own mark in innovation. This new acquisition, will surely give them a boost for what they are going to implement in the coming days.  We all have to wait and see what would the innovative wrist-band technology Facebook-CTRL labs are going to bring us.


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