Facebook Rolls Out Dating Service Feature in US

Facebook Rolls Out Dating Service Feature in US
Via: Facebook

Facebook has been undoubtedly an alternative browsing platform for users after Google. The usage of Facebook has covered all the areas of entertainment, technology, fun, and many things together. Now, Facebook seems to have eyed upon another area which is actually close to the very purpose of facebook in making new friends. Facebook is now concentrating on developing ‘Dating’ services in the US. 

Facebook has already launched dating services in 17 other countries along with Canada, Brazil. Now, the dating services are made available in the US on September 5. The main question remains, whether facebook has learned their mistakes in the privacy of users which has been the burning topic for a couple of years. Facebook has already working on to develop its own digital currency, e-commerce, and now there is another step forward in dating and relationships. 

Facebook has a resemblance to other existing matchmaking services like Tinder and Bumble. The facebook dating profile is separate from your mainstream facebook profile. The best part of it is, the app is free to use without any ads, the only thing is if facebook would be able to make users stick with their app. 

Anyhow, there are several doubts raised about privacy on Facebook, both in past and present. It is all about Facebook would be battling those problems and also avoid any kind of privacy issues with their new services. Dating is the most critical area where privacy matters a lot for the users, we have to wait and see how Facebook might handle this. 


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