Facebook is reportedly working on ‘Collab’ a short music creating app similar to TikTok

Facebook is reportedly working on ‘Collab’ a short music creating app similar to TikTok

New Product Experimentation (NPE) team of Facebook is reportedly working on an app that is similar to Tik-Tok. This app is called Collab for creating short music videos. Currently, this app is available only for iOS that, too, on ‘Invite only’ mode which is in its beta version. The maker team NPE says that Collab allows users to create, watch, Mix and watch videos with music. This is very similar to that of Tik Tok, and the only difference is that users can sync three videos instead of Two in Tik Tok’s duet mode.

NPE claims that their Collab app helps you unlock creative superpowers in the situation of lockdown. NPE also stated that as many are locked in quarantine, this app was developed to sharpen the creativity of such people.

Using Collab is very similar to Tik-Tok, as the users here can make short videos using the existing music of other users. A small change is that videos can be made in landscape mode, and output comes in a vertical way, as we see in Tik Tok.  Upon creation, the app can be shared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram with ease. Once your video is shared, you can invite others to match and mix for your video, adding an element of fun and excitement.

Collab is an ‘invite-only’ app currently in beta version. It looks like Facebook would soon roll-out batches of invites for the users from the US and Canada. If you are interested in getting hands-on to this application, you can visit the NPE website and signup. Anyhow, currently, this app is not accessible for users outside the US.

Anyhow, Facebook already developed a similar app called ‘Lasso’ in 2018. Lasso is an app similar to Tik-Tok, where users can lip-sync, dance for the tunes. This app is expected to be launched in India this year.

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