How to Enable Whatsapp Web Dark Mode ?

How to Enable Whatsapp Web Dark Mode ?

Whatsapp has launched Darkmode in March to mobiles after many months of beta testing and announcements. Dark mode enables the users to switch their WhatsApp theme to dark, it is specifically intended to use in night times. Initially, the dark mode was launched in beta version and then was launched to iOS and Android devices separately.

Android OS has incorporated the dark theme for better usage during night times and also from the perspective of saving power. iOS also has incorporated dark themes in their devices for the same purpose. The same has been adapted by Whatsapp to support the dark theme and it did undergo many testings and reviews. Finally, after many months, Whatsapp dark theme seems to have found a way to the Web version and many were expecting to have dark themes on the web version too.

The dark theme for the web version is not an official launch, yet it can be enabled manually. A popular Whatsapp releases tracker WABETAINFO, has revealed how dark mode can be enabled in the web WhatsApp version. Follow the simple steps to enable this mode onto your web version of WhatsApp.

Step 1:

Sign-in into the Whatsapp web version using your QR code. This would take you into the Web Whatsapp messages window where you see your messages generally.

How to Enable Whatsapp Web Dark Mode 1Step 2:

Select the area outside the messages and select ‘Inspect’ and find the code ‘Body class=web’ string.

How to Enable Whatsapp Web Dark Mode 2Step 3:

Once you found that code now simply add the word ‘dark’ after ‘web’,  i.e,  ‘Body class= web dark’ and press enter. This would convert your normal web WhatsApp page into a dark theme web page.

How to Enable Whatsapp Web Dark Mode 3Remember that the dark theme would roll back to the regular theme version once you sign in with another browser. We have to wait for the official feature in the web version from Whatsapp to get a more user-friendly interface instead of manually tweaking it.


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