Double Data benefits for Jio Fiber Users from Bronze to Titanium upon Annual subscription

Double Data benefits for Jio Fiber Users from Bronze to Titanium upon Annual subscription

Reliance Jio’s broadband service Jio Fiber has listed down their website with updated plans. Jio fiber is now offering extra data benefits for its broadband users upon taking an annual subscription. Starting right from Bronze to Titanium plans, the extra data benefit was added. This new plan update seems like a motivation for the current users to upgrade for the annual package.

Bronze plan users get 350 GB data per month, and as per the current updated offer, they would be getting an extra 100 GB data per month. For the monthly plan, the users would be getting 250GB of monthly data that would include 100 GB data benefit.  The 100 GB is of double data benefit offered due to the lockdown period. This offer may end up very soon as lockdown is being slowly lifted. The plan also includes an introductory 50 GB data benefit for the monthly users.

The silver plan customers, get a monthly data of 800 GB upon 12-month annual subscription. There is a yearly benefit of 200 GB additionally given for the users upon subscribing annually. The next tier of users of the Gold plan would be getting 1,750 GB data. This includes an introductory offer of 250 GB,  500 GB of double data benefit, 500 GB of plan benefit, and 500 GB for taking up an annual plan.

Similarly, the Diamond plan Offers 4000 GB for their users, which includes 1250 GB of monthly data benefit for the users. The diamond plan is similar to the above plans, which include introductory data, annual data, and double data benefits.

Titanium Jio fiber plan is the supreme plan of Jio fiber subscribers, where they get 15,000 GB monthly data benefits. There is 5000 GB of each plan benefit, annual data benefit, and introductory offer benefits.  Users need to take advantage of these plans with plan benefits.


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