Confused to decide which shows to watch? Then Ask Google “What to Watch”

Confused to decide which shows to watch Then Ask Google “What to Watch”

The demand for OTT platforms has hiked in recent times due to the pandemic situation. The online viewing experience has increased from the time of lockdown in March.

There are many Search engine results leading to questions about ‘what to watch’ or ‘best to watch’ genres of movies and shows in OTT platforms. Watching shows and movies on online platforms such as Hotstar, Prime, Netflix, Voot has become a new normal. Also, the content over the OTT platforms has been compelling equal to the quality of movies.

Google has introduced a new search algorithm for users who are looking for interesting movie shows. Google has simplified the search; all we have to do is simply type ‘What to watch’ in the Google search.

The Google web page would take through few titles as per relevance upon default categories. There is an option for the user to customize the ‘Provider’ settings. Editing the provider settings would guide the user through shows and movies from specific OTT providers.

So far, Google has included Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Sony Liv, Voot, and their own Youtube and Google Movies. There are reports that Google may soon add other reputed streaming services. It seems like the world has already started accepting the audience’s choice in watching experience.

There are a number of shows being streamed on several platforms, and the growth of OTT seems to increase much more. Also, the compelling content which is being made available in online sites has become one of the reasons for rising demand. Additionally, Google has given an option to save watch lists for the shows or movies you want to keep track of.

Every time you try to search for what to watch, it would show you the list of already saved wishlist. This will greatly help the users to see their watchlist in Google search itself.


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