Chingari is likely to be India’s Answer for TikTok with already 2.5 M Downloads

Chingari is likely to be India’s Answer for TikTok with already 2.5 M Downloads

The anti-China sentiment has been shaking the country from the past few weeks. Initially, it was due to COVID-19, and then situations became serious when border clashes took place. This fresh situation seems to have forced the Indian government to implement a ban on Chinese applications.

The ban on Chinese apps looked like an opportunity for local developers to increase the user base for them. Anyhow, an app called “Chingari” has been in the news for its number of downloads and its similarity with Tik Tok.

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This app closely resembles Tik Tok by allowing users to create their own lip-sync videos. In addition, the app contained the News section and games zone, which is unique for any such social media video app.

Currently, the ‘Chingari’ app has reached 2.5 million downloads recently. Thorough research suggests that Chingari has been in Play store from 2018, and they have nothing to do encashing Anti-Chinese sentiment.

This short-video making app has completed 550,00 downloads with a span of just ten days. It looks like, people considering Chingari as their Indian alternative for Tik Tok.  One can watch videos on this app by simply swiping up and down as we do in Tik Tok. They can also play games that are available through in-game installs, and the time is taken to load depends on the game.

The news update feature is authentic by gathering information from reliable sources. Anyhow, the app still lacks compelling creators who have a good number of followers. It needs more viewers and creators to become a convincing Indian App. With more increased users and reviews, we may expect Chingari may change its app as per user reviews.

As this app developers are working on it since 2018, we may expect compelling changes by the Indian app to become Tik Tok’s alternative very soon.


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