Charge Phone in 20 Minutes, Meizu Invented mCharge Technology

MCharge 2

Meizu famous Chinese brand launched their new fast charging technology at MWC. mCHarge took many people’s attention at MWC as Meizu is offering the blazing fast charging technology.

Meizu claims that their new mCharge technology can charge a 3000mAh battery in Just 20 Minutes. Well, Till the date no one has offered such a fast charging time.

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mCharge provides 11v/5A charging current up to 55W of Power O/p. Comparing this technology with other vendors, It is far ahead of them,

Charging at such a high rate mCharge still, maintains the low  temperature.

Well, This feature will be exclusive for Meizu Smartphones. So if you are willing to have this fast technology then you have to purchase Meizu Smartphones.

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