CES 2019: Innovation Which Will Amaze You

CES 2019 Innovation That Will Amaze You

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Which is held in Las Vegas Convention Center, United States. Every year different companies come here to showcase their recent products and technology in the consumer electronics sector.

It’s one of the biggest tech events of this year, as far as we know till date with over 4,400 companies exhibiting there latest innovation at the show this year. Here are the top products from the CES 2019 you can’t take your eyes off.

LG Signature OLED TV R:

LG is that one brand which always amazes us with their uniqueness in TV’s. This year LG came up with a fantastic product called OLED TV R which is a rollable television. A year ago LG came up with the prototype of the same, but this time they had an actual 65-inch model. This TV can be unrolled partially or fully depending upon the requirement.
This TV came up with multiple questions related to costing and availability. The company said this product would be in stock by the end of this year.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro:

CES 2019 Innovation That Will Amaze You Samsung Notebook 9 ProSamsung laptop is more known for there looks than the performance, but the Notebook 9 Pro is not the same it not only looks good but has some fantastic features like power consumptions, ports, impressive tactical keyboard, responsive trackpad, and to complete the overall grooming it has a thin display bezel. The Notebook 9 Pro is a premium product which not only looks like a flagship product but works like one.

Urgonight Headband:

CES 2019 Innovation That Will Amaze You Urgonight HeadbandThe CES 2019 came up with a lot of sleep well tech range. The best product for people with insomnia. The products were so hi-tech that they worked even when not worn while sleeping. The Urgonight band this band takes the EEG of your brain and then presents the data on your screen which train the brain waves to act in a precise manner in a technique called visual neurofeedback.

Fossil Sports smartwatch:

CES 2019 Innovation That Will Amaze You Fossil SmartwatchFossil is that one high-end brand which every watch lover want to add into there collection due to there looks, features, varieties, and quality.
This time the company chooses to go towards fitness with their same classy design but a better wear OS watches. The watch has Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100 chipsets. The watches come with 28 bright color options which will surely make your life colorful in a healthy way.

Valeo Voyage:

CES 2019 Innovation That Will Amaze You Valeo VoyageValeo Voyage is made using the concept of virtual reality experience that lets the driver talk and sees a passenger who actually connected to VR headset on, the remote passenger’s teleports into the car. It is one of the methods in which we can connect to others virtually when physically we cant.

If you want to know more about products in this CES, you can let us know in the comment section below. Also to stay updated with technical information stay connected with aamTECH.


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