Bigger than Thanos: Full Movie Leaked Online on Tamilrockers, Threatening to Spoil the “Endgame”

Avengers End Game Leaked Online

Marvel has put all the MCU fans and also movie enthusiasts on their toes from one year. As the “End game” is the culmination of Marvel’s 10-year long journey of their heroic characters. The “End game” fever has gripped everyone throughout the world, and it has kept everyone waiting. From the time when ‘Infinity war’ ended, the speculations about the final game already have begun. Since then, the release of teasers, trailers did rise more curiosity among the MCU fans. The excitement was so tremendous that, even the trailers and teasers could not satisfy the fans and people literally begged to bring on the “End Game” earlier than expected.

Russo brothers were successful enough in containing the excitement of their fans and most importantly meeting their expectations. Marvel succeeded in reaching the expectations and even at times exceeded them. All of this is now leading to a very high-point probably never before in the history of world cinema.

Already, Endgame has beaten many records in advance booking business around the world. Amidst all the hustle happening right now, with “End game” inching closer and closer to the release date online leaks are turning into a big concern for the movie makers. Piracy has become a constant headache for the movie makers, where they are facing severe issues in making business.

After the leakage of vital scenes on the internet of “End Game”, Russo brothers already took measures to delete the videos. But, there is yet another major scare for the movie makers, as the “End game” full movie is leaked online through a reputed piracy website. In fact, this is also a scare for movie lovers, who wish to experience the MCU’s biggest movie at the fullest.

Although piracy is a serious offence, it is the people who should refrain from spreading pirated movies online. Due to the intent of a few selfish people, the experience of hundreds or probably thousands of people is spoiled. Despite of many technological measures taken to block piracy the movie has been leaked online on various torrent sites. If people could choose to spread piracy, it can be eradicated in no time.

PS: After all this, even if you accidentally come across to watch ‘End game’ online, please save the experience for others by not spreading it. #Let us not spoil the “End game”.


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