Apple’s new Micro LED for Watches may not be Launched this year

Apple’s new Micro LED for Watches may not be Launched this year

The news about using Micro LED in their Apple products has been in rumors for a long time. There is no information so far about which device would be getting this new LED technology. A tipster ‘Lovetodream’ has revealed in his twitter handle that, Apple’s Micro LED technology would be available in Apple Watch. But, this technology would be made available from next year. Apple watch series will arrive with LED screens from next year as per the information given by the Tipster.

This information got confirmed as soon as the Tipster said, Apple watch series 6 would feature JDI display. Apple has been using OLED screens from the JDI display for its Apple watches so far. From the past few years, Apple has invested a whopping amount of $200 million in producing its own OLEDs.  It is clear that Apple wants minimal dependency upon other manufacturers to reduce their costs and also optimize their products.

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Reports say that the micro-LED screens are being designed, tested at an ‘Undisclosed’ location in California. Micro-LED screens are believed to be the future replacement of OLED screens. Micro-LED screens are said to be brighter, lighter, and also far thinner than the traditional OLED. This even makes the phones get a slimmer look than usual.

It is also evident from the reports that Apple would be using initially on Apple Watches only and later on start using for iPhones. In another report, Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo stated that Apple’s decision to use Mini-LED technology. But due to the global pandemic, their plans were pushed to 2021.

Apple seems to be planning to customize its products slowly with self-manufactured hardware products. The current situation has put a temporary break for Apple’s plans for further years. We have only to wait and see when would the new technology gets incorporated into new products.


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