Apple’s AR glasses Might come in Early 2021

Apple’s AR glasses Might come in Early 2021 Apple AR Glasses Design
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AR glasses are one of the advanced technologies developed in recent times. Top companies like Google have already worked on it and released their product into the market (although it was not available for all). Apple has been working on AR glasses for many years and as per the popular analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, they were expected to get launched this year.

But due to many technological challenges and many new research findings, Apple’s AR glasses work has got delayed and expected to be launched in 2021 and few say it may go even till 2022. The leaks and rumors from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo came true most of the times and he has a decent track record in this.

Jon Prosser has been in news for a while for his leaks about Apple devices and upcoming features. He gained a lot of attention in recent times for his accuracy in the leaks and rumors he has been circulating in the market. Freshly, Prosser has revealed that the new Apple AR glasses would be very sleeky with a user interface enabled with a dashboard added with codename in the starboard.

He also went on claiming, that Apple Glasses would come into the market by March-June window of the year 2021. He added this after saying, Ming-Chi Kuo might be wrong with his rumors, as the launch year would not go beyond 2021. Apple might have got their hands on the AR technology for glasses, but due to current prevailing scenarios, it might not be a good time for launch.

Also, as an international brand, it is expected for such a tech giant to delay its product development and launch to proper timelines, where they would get maximum reach. We have to wait and see if there would be any new rumors or any final announcement by Apple about their futuristic product.


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