Apple iOS 13.5 Update to ease Face ID unlock problems for iPhone users wearing masks

Apple iOS 13.5 Update to ease Face ID unlock problems for iPhone users wearing masks
By Ketut Subiyanto Pexels

Apple has rolled out a new iOS update 13.5 in which two new unique features were added. The latest updates are coming with amidst the COVID-19 and meeting the requirement for the same. COVID-19 has already forced many people to start living in quarantine and also begin using masks as part of their daily living.

Many people around the world are already used to this latest pandemic and making part of their lives. Wearing masks is becoming a problem for iPhones that have Face unlocking alone as their feature, while fingerprint sensors are absent.

Apple’s unlocking mechanism usually works by detecting the Face ID first, and later the passcode prompt would appear. This has become a daily problem for iPhone users, as it would lead to unsuccessful attempts for unlocking and have to wait for Face ID to fail and lead to entering a passcode. The latest feature immediately brings the passcode prompt on the screen, which enables the unlock after entering the same.

Another update of iOS 13.5 includes the integration of Apple and Google API to identify exposure notification. It alerts the users for any proximity between anyone nearby with COVID infection. The information is taken from the app installed from agencies that provide news and verify about nearby diseases.

The group FaceTime feature has also got an update, where the function to detect voice and to resize the window accordingly.  This feature may help the users to get unusual window sizes while having a group Facetime.

Overall the new iOS 13.5 update will bring additional features that help users during the COVID-19 conditions. Also, people would be spending time on FaceTime mostly in these times, and the new update would add more ease for the users. The upgrade would be soon rolling out slowly for the phones and would be reflecting in updates shortly.


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