Animated Stickers is Soon going to be a Reality for Whatsapp iOS and Android Users

Animated Stickers is Soon going to be a Reality for Whatsapp iOS and Android Users
Source Android Police

Facebook’s WhatsApp is going to launch a ton of new features in its upcoming update. There were many leaks and rumors about many such features on the Facebook-owned messaging platform.

One of many such features is the animated stickers features both on iOS and Android. As per information from the blog WABetainfo, they are viewing, and sharing of Whatsapp animated stickers was observed in the beta version of iOS and Android. The information was observed in the Android Beta version and the iOS Beta version. This feature will soon allow users to view and download stickers from third-party apps or directly save default stickers in the Whatsapp store.

Interestingly, this feature has been removed from the beta program for both Android and iOS, with the new update being rolled out. There is no information about this removal, and we can expect there might be more improvements to be made.

We might expect a better version of beta with an improved experience of the animated stickers. There also another possibility of total removal of this new feature in the coming update.

Few reports suggest that users who received a new beta update for iOS and Android can view and share WhatsApp animated stickers if only they received it from others. The user can only star and forward the stickers to others, and this shows that the stickers on Whatsapp seem to be only seen in limited numbers.

There is another whole lineup of features, Whatsapp has promised to launch soon to the users. These features include searching messages by date, new dark themes, type of storage usage, and many more.

If the beta program goes well, Whatsapp may decide to launch the update of animated stickers in the next update. We should wait and see for the next update.


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