AMD surpasses Intel and Nvidia by selling half a billion GPUs since 2013

AMD surpasses Intel and Nvidia by selling half a billion GPUs since 2013
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Computer GPU manufacturer AMD has sold half a billion GPUs from the year 2013. There were 79 million GPUs sold from 2018 alone. This spectacular number of 87 million GPUs sold since 2013 is huge progress for AMD. This is a sign of the recent success of AMD in its GPU business. As per reports from Jon Peddie Research, Sony and Microsoft’s current-generation consoles are sold up to 553 million units.

Sony Playstation accounts for 110 million units, which is 20% of the total sales. Even then, AMD sales of Desktop and Notebook account for 71% of their sales, and This indicates Raedon tech is running all over.

Intel chips come with the integrated AMD graphics which is mostly observed in these days CPUs. Nvidia is a well-known leader in selling exclusive graphics cards, but AMD is way ahead Nvidia and Intel in terms of raw graphics silicon demand.

GPU sales have increased more after the introduction of Zen CPU architecture. AMD Ryzen CPUs, although they do not have onboard GPU, it has supported the sales of Raedon up to some extent. Anyhow the research by Jon Peddie did not throw much light about the AMD sales in the age of Bigdata. But, one has to remember the upcoming Playstation 5, Xbox X series is built with AMD RDNA 2 architecture. The rise of Zen 3  CPUs and AMD RDNA 2 would tell much about how AMD is going to do with their sales numbers. AMD is also going to launch ‘Big Navi’ graphics card before the launch of PS5 and Xbox X series.

Amidst many factors and a wide range of users for the rivals, AMD continued to stay top in selling their GPUs. AMD’s involvement in next-gen consoles has added more to their numbers. This is also a good sign about how well their GPUs are being considered as next-gen stuff for gaming.

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