Accessories of Galaxy Note 20 reveal the Color Options of the Flagship

Accessories of Galaxy Note 20 reveal the Colors Options of the Flagship
Source: OnLeaks

The release date for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is nearing, and the information about the device is getting revealed slowly. Previously, news about Galaxy Note 20 came in the form of renders, specifications and pricings, but now the information is about its accessories.

Many of the Galaxy Note 20 official accessories have been put online, for pre-ordering. The colours of official accessories have given a clear hint about the colour variants in which Galaxy Note 20 would come. It is clear that there are several colour options Samsung is going to launch. There are a wide variety of accessories that were put online for pre-order for the Galaxy 20. Some of the accessories are like the LED view cover and clear view cover

Pre-order details of Galaxy Note 20 accessories were revealed, and it is no surprise that the accessories go online even before the official launch. In fact, this indicates the launch is going to happen very soon in the coming weeks. The official accessories are Leather Cover, Silicone Cover, Clear protective cover, Kvadrat Cover, and protective standing cover. These covers are available in White, Black, Silver and Mint colours.

The S Pen is sold separately for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and the colour options indicate how many colours the phone would be launched.  It is found that Samsung would be selling S pens in colour variants of Gray, White, Black, Mint, and Copper brown colours.

Anyhow, the names of the colours would not be exactly the same as mentioned, and the S pen colours would be in a similar hue with that of the phone. So, it would indirectly indicate the colours of the Samsung Note 20. There is no official confirmation about the launch, anyhow as per sources, the launch is expected to happen on August 5th.

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