$ 1 Million ‘Bounty’ price for those who can identify security flaw in iPhone: Apple’s Open challenge to Cybersecurity Experts

$ 1 Million ‘Bounty’ price for those who can identify security flaw in iPhone Apple’s Open challenge to Cybersecurity Experts
Via: twitter/mikebdotorg

Top mobile phone manufacturing company ‘Apple’ has challenged the cybersecurity researchers to find a security flaw in iPhone. A bounty amount of $1 million is announced to be given for those who can find a security flaw in Apple devices.

This challenge came, amidst many speculations, discussions and debates about raising security concerns about ethical hacking being done by governments into the phones of prominent people in the society. This is the costliest reward offered by any company challenging to find security flaws in their systems.

Previously, Apple used to send invites to selected technology experts to find flaws in their phones or their systems. This is the first time ever for Apple to throw such an open challenge for all tech experts. This announcement came in the Annual Black Hat security conference that was held recently in Las Vegas. For identifying the flaws, the rewards were named as ‘Bounties’ which would be given upon successful identification of the flaws.

The announced bounty of $1 million is applicable for gaining remote access to iPhone kernel without any input from the iPhone user. Anyhow, Apple previously paid $200,000 bounty for identifying a bug in their system. This recent ‘bounty’ announcement came as a severe measure to avoid any kind of security breaches without user’s agreement.

If a flaw is found, the respective information would be used by Apple in their research about taking security measures. There are many governments which are taking special help of cybersecurity experts to hack through their systems.


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